Inner Journeys (Hakomi/Re-Creation of Self)

Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living”. To be ‘unaware’ and go through life without a conscious awareness of who you are, and of the various aspects of your self (e.g., physical, emotional, intellectual, and social, etc.) is to miss much of the richness and aliveness of life.

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.
(Author Unknown)

The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.

Inner Journeys work, using Hakomi, can help you:
Inner Journeys and Hakomi

  • Increase your self-awareness,
  • Know your self on a deeper core level,
  • Gain a sense of personal empowerment,
  • Lighten your ‘emotional load’,
  • Gain an appreciation for life,
  • Learn about ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’, or
  • Find peace within your self.

Hakomi is a powerful body-centered, experiential psychotherapy that is a blend of both Eastern and Western traditions. The gentle curiosity, mindfulness, and respect of Eastern traditions are combined with a synthesis of Western philosophies and techniques. Hakomi’s cutting-edge psychological methods are supported by current brain research.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.
(Dalai Lama)

In Hakomi, we use mindfulness to study inner experience in the present moment. With an attitude of curiosity, we create small experiments that help reveal unconscious core material. Core material can limit our responses in daily life because of outdated perceptions and strategies. Through this therapeutic process, the meaning of habitual and deeply held patterns, beliefs, and attitudes becomes clear. Change is created at a deep body level through the processing, transformation, and integration of these new clarified meanings. This change results in your discovery of more possibilities and choice about what you believe about yourself and how you have to be in the world.

Nothing is worth more than this day.

Re-Creation of Self (R-CS) therapy approach is based on the same principles and skills as Hakomi. R-CS is unique in that it offers a comprehensive mapping of the Self, describing our innate wholeness, resources, and pursuit of personal wishes. R-CS therapy helps clients to embody and apply resources of the self and to shift from fragmented trance states or aspects of self to re-embody wholeness.

Nothing is worth more than this day.

Principles of Hakomi and R-CS

  • Mindfulness: a receptive state of consciousness that is focused on inner present experience; in mindfulness, we are curious, without judgement, interpretation, or argument.
  • Organicity: honouring the inner wisdom and natural impulse towards growth
    of each person.
  • Nonviolence: change without force; a deep respect for the integrity, strengths, challenges, and needs of each person.
  • Mind-body holism: mind and body are parts of a whole; mind and body interact and influence one another; the body reflects important information about the whole person.
  • Unity: The universe is a web of relationships, of which we are a part; we are connected to each other and to the world; embracing aspects of ourselves that are in conflict or isolation.
  • Loving Presence: a gentle, open-hearted, attentive state of emotional connection; experiencing contentment in being with another.

Inner Journeys work with Hakomi and R-CS can help you free yourself from unwanted patterns and ‘stuckness’ that may have held you hostage for years. For your journey, I offer gentleness, compassion, and non-judgment in a safe, relaxed environment. [See Contact]

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